We specialize in door to door freight forwarding in and out of Nigeria’s cone. Using our network of air, ocean and ground transportation partners, we supply a variety of industries from luxury cruise operators to government agencies. Our expert team is ready to assist with any shipment, with a seamless transit from origin to destination.

We offer full service customizable packages that may include:

  • Air freight, Ocean freight, and Ground transport
  • Experts in In-transit Cargo Delivery
  • Warehousing Services¬†(Storage, Consolidation, Packing, Palletization, Dangerous Goods handling)
  • Offshore Transportation
  • Bonded Storage and Bonded Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Customs Brokerage Services
  • Procurement of inventory
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Shipments of general cargo, perishable items, and hazardous goods

Easy & Convenient

Timely, Stressless and Convenient

Safe & Secure

Secure and Efficient



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